'400 Years Of Hats' Will School You On The History Of Headwear

See 400 Years Of Hats In 3 Minutes

The Internet has recently seen a swarm of "history of" videos that tell the stories of beauty and fashion trends. Now, thanks to a new video from GQ and The Scene, men's fashion is getting in on the game.

"400 Years Of Hats" is a cheeky, fascinating look back at not only popular hat styles, but where they originated and what made them famous. Many are still fan favorites today, like the fedora, worn by Indiana Jones and Humphrey Bogart, and the baseball cap, which it turns out is just a larger-brimmed take on cricket hats. Others, like the trucker hat and the err, foam cowboy hat, not so much.

Take a step back in time with the video above.

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