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6 Things Kids Get That Parents Can Only Dream Of

If we could turn back time!

When you think back to your own childhood, hopefully you remember it as a magical time, a time free of responsibilities and worries when your imagination had free rein and days were spent playing long, involved games without a care in the world.

We want to recreate those times for our own children and one of the many joys of parenting is having a second chance to see the world through their eyes again. But we'll never get back that sense of freedom and imagination again, nor meals and treats appearing as if by magic.

Here are a few of the things we miss about being kids.

Being read to every night. Actually, make that the whole bedtime routine
Wouldn't it be lovely to have someone run you a perfect temperature bath with bubbles, wash your back, towel you down, pop you into snuggly pyjamas, then read you your choice of book as you drift to sleep?
Being told how clever and brave and all-round fabulous you are on a daily basis
Adults don't get nearly enough praise. Wouldn't it be great to have a real life person following you around all day telling you how fantastic you are? When you run puffing for the bus: "Yay, you are a super speed runner." When you gorge on that mid-morning croissant: "You are such a good eater." When you look in the mirror: "You are a beautiful princess." When you pair 57 pairs of socks in a week: "Wow, you are such a hard worker, not giving up." And well done claps should definitely be a thing for adults.
Going to sleep in the daytime
Bliss! You're owed at least a year in sleep deprivation, but when your child naps, do you catch up on sleep? Course not. You do super-speed multi-tasking, folding laundry while making work phone calls, cooking dinner while doing the supermarket shop online, so when your child wakes you're even more knackered than before.
Freedom from a to-do list
Young children don't to-do lists. If they did, their lists would go something like 'get up, play, have fun, go to bed'. Mums live by lists - shopping lists on the fridge, birthdays and present lists on our phones, a daily cross-off work and home list and then the mental lists that keep us awake at night. No child sits bolt upright in bed doing a mental shriek of "Arggh, no, I forgot that MOST IMPORTANT THING BECAUSE I DIDN'T WRITE IT DOWN!"
The ability to be anybody and do anything
Wouldn't it be fab to wake up in the morning and think today I'm going to be a ballerina, then decide to be a witch at lunchtime and, inspired by your favourite TV show, a crime-busting detective in the afternoon? Real life jobs, however much they might tick our expectations in adult world, just don't have that flexibility and satisfaction rating.
Having technology at their chubby little fingertips
This is what a swipe used to look like. Now our children are swiping and tapping at iPads from an impressively young age. And while many of us still remember when children's TV was on Saturday mornings and after school only, our children can tap into entertainment any time, any place by using TV apps like the Sky Kids app.

The brand new Sky Kids app has been designed just for them and is full to the brim of their favourite shows, with over 4,000 episodes from Adventure Time and Paw Patrol to Octonauts and Tom & Jerry. Parents can create a personalised profile with shows tailored to their children's age, and have peace of mind knowing there are absolutely no adult content or annoying pop-up ads. The Sky Kids app comes at no extra cost for existing Sky customers with the Variety or Family or Sky Q Bundle. Download on a compatible tablet from iOS or Android app stores today.