08/08/2016 12:44 BST

8 Eeriest Sounds Recorded In Space

From lightning on Jupiter to Saturn's alien 'howl'...

Space might be a deathly silent vacuum but that doesn’t mean that aren’t sounds to be heard.

In fact some of the most incredible sounds ever heard are in fact changes in energy which have then be captured through radio waves or converted into audio files.


Whether it’s the sound of plasma being captured by Voyager 1 or the incredible audio sample of lightning on the surface of Jupiter there are no shortage of soundbites to enjoy.

While these sounds do have clear scientific value there’s also the importance of using them in education.

Absolutely nothing on this planet sounds even remotely like the radio emissions that Saturn gives off.

NASA NASA / Reuters

Sounding like a sound effect from the original series of Star Trek the sound is in every sense, alien.

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