80,000 Handwritten Letters For Others With Breast Cancer

You would be surprised at how far receiving a letter of love can go in comforting someone.

A cancer survivor has created an anthology packed with handwritten letters of "encouragement, humour and love" written by strangers to other women with breast cancer.

"Dear Friend" by Gina L. Mulligan contains notes written by cancer survivors, their friends and their family members, designed to show other patients that they are not alone.

Gina was inspired to start collecting the letters after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself at the age of 40 and realising that "a few words on paper are more than just a keepsake".

She began handing out letters to other cancer patients, and what started as a small gesture of goodwill in her local community soon turned into a global movement.

Gina L. Mulligan
Gina L. Mulligan
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