9 Things You Only Know If You Have Adele Thumbs

Thumbs up are hard, okay?

Adele left everyone talking after the Grammys and not just because she broke one of her awards in two and gave half to Beyoncé.

No, it’s not Adele’s big heart or even her big voice that’s left everyone talking - it’s her super flexible thumbs.

When a person’s thumbs bend backwards, it’s called a hitchhiker’s thumb and despite what people on Twitter would have you believe, it’s a totally normal bodily trait, OK? (I’d know, I have them.)

It’s not common to find a fellow hitchhiker among your friends, in fact, you may never meet one at all.

But here are a few universal truths we all know too well...

1. That shocked look people give you when they see your thumb.

2. Followed by them wanting to compare your thumb to theirs.

3. People always asking if your other body parts are bendy.

4. Then being disappointed when you reveal they’re not.

5. The concentration it takes to do a thumbs up.

6. The daily struggle of using scissors.

7. The satisfaction of being a thumb war ninja.

8. The smugness of knowing you’ll never be without a party trick.

9. The utter glory of knowing Adele is your thumb sister.