This Star Wars: Rogue One AT-ACT Playhouse Is One Dad's Ultimate Gift For His Son

The force is strong in this one...

A dad has built a scale model Star Wars: Rogue One AT-ACT for his son and it’s indisputably the best present of the year.

The replica, built by YouTuber Colin Furze, not only looks amazing, it also serves as an actual playhouse.

The control deck, accessible via a ladder, features a games console, toy guy rack and Stormtrooper helmets.

Furze has a huge fanbase on YouTube and specialises in building all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions.

His latest invention, which stands at five and a half metres high, took several months to build and is comprised of parts source entirely from eBay.

Of course when Furze isn’t making every child on the planet insanely jealous he’s also creating some truly extraordinary inventions in his shed.

Here are some of his best creations:

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