A Sex Worker's Guide To Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is great for your relationship – here's how to get started with some help from an expert.
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Whether you enjoy being called things you’d never accept outside of the bedroom or just enjoy your partner describing what they will be doing to you or what they are doing to you, dirty talk is a popular bedroom practice with seven in 10 Brits admitting that they can’t get enough of it and nine in 10 admitting that they get aroused whenever their partner talks sexually.

Not only is dirty talk incredibly arousing for some people, it’s also great for your relationship. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found the more comfortable we are talking about sex, the more satisfactory our sex lives will become.

The researchers added that even the slightest bit of anxiety around communication affected whether partners were communicating or not which directly affected their satisfaction in the bedroom.

However, those who did communicate during sex were more likely to experience sexual satisfaction. Basically, enthusiastically engaging in sexy talk with your partner can heighten the sexual experience and improve communication between you both.

Of course, speaking sexy in dulcet tones doesn’t come naturally to all of us and as a nation, we’re quite prone to feeling self-aware and are famous for not being the most openly expressive people, to say the least.

For those of us that don’t feel like we can easily pull off dirty talk, HuffPost UK spoke to Jay Stark, a non-binary sex worker about how to get started on dirty talk.

Sex worker reveals how to get started with dirty talk in the bedroom

Stark admits that sexy talk didn’t come naturally to them either, saying, “’When I first started exploring dirty talk, it felt really intimidating. I’m a writer as well as an escort so I choose my words carefully… that can be quite unsexy in the bedroom!”

However, they admit that over time, they learned how to get into the groove of it and now, these are the tips they’d give to any beginner:

Narrate what you’re doing (to a point)

Dirty talk needn’t be complicated, you can quite literally narrate what you’re doing - especially if you’re stuck for ideas. Don’t be too formal and detailed though, no one needs a running commentary! Instead, focus on your more sensual movements and the things that are likely to turn your partner on, such as: “I’m caressing your side”, “See how I’m teasing your nipple”, and “I’m taking you in my hand and can feel you getting hard”.

Describe what you’re enjoying

Dirty talk is best when it’s vivid, descriptive, and positive. Think about what it is you’re enjoying about your sexual experience and describe that in real-time. For example, “I love your scent”, “Your skin is so wonderfully smooth”, “When you touch me there, it tingles in the best possible way”. This will fill your partner with confidence, deepen your connection and help ease you into the wild world of dirty talk.

Think about what you could do

Dirty talk is a way of bringing fantasies to life; if there’s something you would like to do, you can use dirty talk to introduce that idea. Equally, by talking about what you’re doing next, you can build excitement and intrigue, turning your partner on at the mere thought of what’s about to happen.

“I’m going to remove my panties and let you see how eager I am already”, or “I’m going to bury you under my body, push you into the mattress, and have my way with you” will definitely get you both going!

Of course, talking about hypotheticals can also be a fantasy of its own, completely unrelated to what you’re going to do in the moment. This way, you can add another layer to the erotic experience you’re enjoying.

Clarify your partner’s preferences

It’s important that you speak with your partner about any words they dislike; everyone has different preferences and you want to make sure they feel completely comfortable. For example, some people love degrading language during dirty talk, whilst others prefer more appreciative, complimentary words. Always check on this, the wrong tone can stop a hot session in its tracks.

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