Man Submits Carrot Batons Complaint To Tesco In The Best Possible Way

Meet the 'infested' one.

Tesco probably wishes they hadn’t asked this customer to elaborate after he submitted a complaint about his groceries.

Aaron Swift from Manchester, who describes himself as a “carrot aficionado” contacted the supermarket about the quality of his carrot batons.

Trying to have one of his five a day, Aaron had purchased the carrots only to find they were disappointing at best.

So he took to Twitter to share his frustration.

Laura from Tesco dutifully replied and asked Aaron to elaborate on the specifics of the problem.

But she wasn't anticipating the detailed response that Aaron provided - complete with a diagram and real life examples.

The carrots each had a somewhat distinguishing feature, but were all pretty rancid - the worst offender clearly being the "infested" baton.

But hotly contested by its neighbour with "white mould".

After considering that maybe, Aaron had a point, Tesco were happy to offer him a refund for his sub-standard veg.

After all that time and effort it was the least they could do.

The Huffington Post UK have contacted Tesco for additional comment, but have had no response at this time.

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