Adele Pays Tribute To Victims And Survivors Of Grenfell Tower Fire On Fourth Anniversary Of Tragedy

“Still, there are so many unanswered questions.”

Adele has shared a message of support for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire on the fourth anniversary of the tragedy.

In a video shared by Grenfell United on YouTube, the singer delivers a message to the group set up by families of victims and survivors from the fire that claimed 72 lives on 14 June 2017 at the 24-storey block of flats.

The 33-year-old begins: “Today marks four years since the Grenfell Tower fire, and still, there are so many unanswered questions.

“Still, the trial is taking way too long, and still, no one has been accountable for that night’s events. And yet, Grenfell United is still out here, fighting tirelessly for the justice and for the change that not only they deserve, that their community deserve, that the whole country deserves.”

“And for that, I’d like to thank you,” she continues. “Thank you for putting your pain aside for all of these years to fight the fight.

“I can’t imagine the kind of personal consequences that has on you. I really hope that this time next year, you will have the answers that you will need to finally, finally be able to breathe together. I love you, I’ll see you soon, stay strong. We’re all with you.”


The Grenfell Tower Inquiry – an official review of the events ordered by then-prime minister Theresa May on the day after the fire – remains ongoing, according to the BBC, due in part to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, on the third anniversary of the tragic events, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared a message of gratitude for the Hubb Community Kitchen, a group providing food and resources for those impacted by the fire.

“I’m so proud of you, so is Harry, and we are sending so much love to you from across the pond and thinking of you today, as I’m sure it’s a difficult day,” the Duchess of Sussex said.

“But also one where you can look at how much you’ve accomplished in the past three years, and how you continue to give back and be an example for all of those around you.”

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