27/05/2016 13:42 BST

Adele’s Response To Forgetting Her Own Lyrics Is So Adele

'Shit, wrong words, sorry.'

Adele might be singing the same songs night after night on her current world tour, but she’s still prone to forgetting the lyrics to her own tunes.

The 28-year-old did just that during a live show in Portugal earlier this week when she messed up the words to her song ‘A Million Years Ago’.

And this being Adele, well, she handled it as only Adele could (and yes, it involved a lot of swearing and that cackle).

After realising she was singing the verse not the chorus, the star halted the performance to start again.

"Shit, wrong words. I started singing the verse, not the chorus. Shit, shit, shit. Sorry," she told the crowd in Lisbon.

So Adele.

As if Adele’s current incredible global success wasn’t enough for her to smile about, the singer had even more good news to celebrate earlier this week.

The ‘Hello’ singer has just signed a record-breaking new recording contract with Sony Music to the tune of £90 million.

The deal is the biggest in UK recording history - and also eclipses Whitney Houston’s record for the most money ever paid out to a female recording artist to sign on the dotted line.

A source told The Sun: “We’ve secured Adele, who’s without doubt the biggest music star in a generation. This is massive.

“Adele’s deal with her original label, XL, expired and we’d an existing relationship with her in America. The deal is being worked on by our Columbia label in the US, but is worth £90million and gives Sony the rights to release her future music exclusively around the world.”

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