AeroMobil Offers The First Glimpse Of A Flying Car You Could Soon Buy

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Wealthy car fans will soon have the opportunity to invest in what could become a piece of automotive history.

AeroMobil is set to open pre-orders on its first commercially available car-plane hybrid this year after it unveils the vehicle in Monaco next week.

The first glimpse of AeroMobil's latest design.
The first glimpse of AeroMobil's latest design.

The firm said its latest design, revealed in illustrations, “heralds a new era in efficient and exciting travel, offering users an unparalleled choice of transport”.

But that’s about as much the European manufacturer is willing to give away right now; the specs, shipping date and price-tag are all under wraps.

Rival flying car firms are selling vehicles for around £400,000 pre-tax, which might offer a rough indication of how much the vehicle could cost.


AeroMobil suffered a major setback in 2015 after one of its prototype flying cars crashed during a test flight in Slovakia.

Fortunately, the car’s safety parachute deployed before impact, protecting the vehicle’s pilot, co-founder Stefan Klein, from serious injury.

The firm’s big reveal in Monaco will come as Chinese manufacturer Ehang prepares to start taking customers into the skies over Dubai.

Flights on the firm’s self-flying taxis are set to start in June.


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