Airbus' Giant Car-Carrying Drone Is Our New Favourite Way Of Getting To Work

Say goodbye to traffic jams.

Airbus is well-known for coming up with wacky ideas but this has to be their wackiest yet.

It’s a combination of three of the most trending technologies at the moment: driverless cars, electric cars and drones.

You simply pick the destination, hop into your driverless car and then let the giant drone do the rest.

Honestly, this will literally never happen but that doesn’t mean we don’t think it’s amazing.


The concept was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and has been called, Pop.Up.

The car contains three different sections: A capsule, the drone and the wheelbase.


When in car mode the capsule docks with the wheelbase and can be driven either by you or placed into self-driving mode.

You can set the destination via a tablet and even change ambience of the cabin depending on the mood you’re in.


The idea is that while you own the capsule, the other components are part of a much wider fleet that are shared between users.

While it’s quite clearly never going to happen, it’s a bold idea that comes up with new solutions to the age-old stress of commuting every single day.

If the traffic’s bad, the Pop.Up will simply find another route, in this case by turning itself into a flying car.


The good news is that giant drones are becoming more and more realistic so while we might not have a car that can turn into one any time soon there are plenty of companies that are working on creating the next-generation flying vehicles that even novices like us can fly.


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