Airbus Unveils 'Hypercopter' Patent For The World's Fastest Helicopter

We've just got to convince Airbus to make one...

Airbus have secured a patent for a 'hypercopter' that, if it entered service, would become the fastest helicopter in the world.

The revolutionary concept design shows a helicopter that at high speeds would utilise two extra rear-facing propellers.

Described by Airbus as a 'Compound Helicopter', the alien design would allow the vehicle to travel at speeds of up to around 300 mph.


To put that into perspective the fastest commercially available helicopter is the massive CH-47 Chinook which has a top speed of just under 200 mph.

There are in fact helicopters which already utilising the concept of having side-mounted propellers such as Eurocopter's experimental X3.


What makes the Compound Helicopter different from the X3 is that the X3's propellers are forward facing, while the Compound design has them mounted at the rear.

The Compound also has a more complete wing structure which would allow for better lift and smoother aerodynamic flight.


Another thing you'll notice about the Compound Helicopter is that it doesn't have a tail rotor.

Normally tail rotors are used to provide anti-torque balance for the main rotors. With Airbus' unique design though the two rear-facing propellers provide that stabilisation all on their own.

When the helicopter wants to take off it does so normally and then once at altitude the pilot can engage the higher-speed mode.

The main rotor is wound down to a lower speed and the twin propellers on the side drastically increase their thrust output.


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