AKA Diss-Track Spills The Beans About Relationship With Ex, Bonang

The rapper takes no prisoners in his new track 'Beyoncé'.
Bonang Matheba and AKA .
Bonang Matheba and AKA .
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"Beyoncé" is the number-one trending topic in South Africa — and it's because rapper AKA has released many deem a Bonang Matheba diss track.

The rapper takes no prisoners in the song, singing about his now-defunct relationship with Queen B.

He throws shade at the "queen of everything", saying it took him two years to see her without a weave. He also claims that he and Matheba were already in a relationship when he was still paying damages to the mother of his child, DJ Zinhle.

Twitter also weighed in — and while Matheba's fans were disappointed by the shots fired, AKA's crowd, "The Megacy" enjoyed the track.

However, others are just tired of AKA using autotune on his tracks.

@akaworldwide#Beyonce been jamming along to the track all morning and I still can't get enough of it... Dope stuff🔥🔥🔥

— Blxnd Colours (@blxnd_colours) June 1, 2018

#Beyonce So AKA is mad because he waited 2 years to see her without her weave...While we have been waiting 10 years to hear him sing/rap without the auto tune. LOL!!!

— Mell (@MellSiba) June 1, 2018

I never understood the term "Morwa ha kene lapeng" till now. @bonang_m we live and learn...hang in there 💜💜💜💜

— Naledi Kantani (@Naydie_STAR) June 1, 2018

Im stuck on that Beyonce track #Beyonce@akaworldwide

— Mongezi Mkhabela (@Mongezi_Mk) May 31, 2018

AKA and Matheba started dating in 2015 — he was cheatingon his then-girlfriend and the mother of his child, DJ Zinhle.

Both Queen B and AKA initially denied these allegations, but eventually admitted them, leading to another social media furore. Their on-and-off romance was widely publicised.


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