Aldi Egg Chair 2021: How To Buy One And The Best Alternatives

"Why does managing to secure an Aldi egg chair feel like winning the lottery?"

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There was only one egg-based treat Aldi shoppers were after on Sunday morning – and it wasn’t breakfast in bed, but the hanging egg chair.

The much sought after £149 garden accessory was first released by the budget retailer a few years ago.

Now, every time it goes on sale as part of Aldi’s “Special Buys”, it sells out within seconds – and then gets put on eBay for way more.

It was no different this Sunday, when a combination of rumours, promotion emails and word of mouth saw people get up at 4am, virtually queuing in their thousands to get their hands on the go-to garden accessory.

Most shoppers didn’t even get close.

In fact, emotions were running high.

Some try countless times for the chair – with no luck.

Others have given up completely.

Still, there were a few happy folk who managed to secure one.

When will the Aldi egg chair be back in stock?

HuffPost UK contacted Aldi to ask when the egg chair will next be on sale and will update this piece with any response.

Most retailers price their hanging chairs from £300 upwards – like this £399 version from John Lewis – which is why the Aldi bargain is so sought-after.

B&Q have a hanging chair for £200 that also sells out in a flash, but if you can’t wait any longer, you can pick up a similar style from Argos for £250, or there’s one being sold by Honey Pot Furniture for £229.

You could also try eBay, where many Aldi chairs are listed for between £200-£300, but be warned, there’s likely to be a lot of bidders ahead of you.

Otherwise, it’s time to be patient and wait for the next batch to be released.