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Alesha Dixon Reveals Why She And Amanda Holden Wanted To Be 'Responsible Role Models For Other Women'

'Women should support one another and not be against each other.'

Alesha Dixon has revealed how she and Amanda Holden made a pact to be positive female role models when they were placed on the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ panel together. 

The former Mis-Teeq singer told of how she and her fellow judge decided they were not going to let the media pit them against one another when Alesha joined the ITV talent show in 2012. 

Speaking in an exclusive MAKERS interview, she recalled: “When I first got the call to do ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, it was actually Amanda who was one of the first people to reach out to me and suggest we go out for a coffee and have a conversation. And we did, and it was great. 

Alesha Dixon

“We decided in that moment that we weren’t going to allow the media to pit us against one another, and that we wanted to be responsible role models for other women out there to show that women should support one another and not be against each other.”

She continued: “We both have daughters and we want to set a great example to them, and I think the media get it now, so all the kind of ‘war’ stories have all gone, and I think people can clearly see that we get on.”

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Alesha is close friends with Amanda Holden

Alesha then went on to offer her views on feminism, explaining: “I do believe that men and women are different and that should be celebrated, but at the same time, I think there’s a lot of things girls can do, and do equally as well. Whether it’s fighting for equal pay, or just to be treated with respect, it’s something I think is really important.

“I love being a female. I love being the boss,” she added. 

In the interview, Alesha also discussed how she witnessed domestic violence in the home as a child, and her devastation at being dropped before her first solo record was released. 

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