14/11/2016 12:31 GMT

Alexander Litvinenko's Death To Become Story Of BBC Drama By 'Wolf Hall' Producers

The Russian former spy was murdered in 2006.

The events behind the death of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko are set to come to screen, with a reported three-part adaptation from the team behind the award-winning ‘Wolf Hall’.

Litvinenko was murdered by the application of rare radioactive poison polonium in 2006, and the drama will follow the web of intrigue behind the death that lead to a straining of relations between the UK and Russia.

Natasja Weitsz via Getty Images
Alexander Litvinenko, who died in 2006, claimed that the Kremlin was behind his murder, a claim vindicated by a UK inquiry in 2016

The Observer reports that the script is based on ‘A Very Expensive Poison’ by Luke Harding, who followed the investigation into the murder by Scotland Yard and the Secret Services.

While he was fading in hospital, Litvinenko maintained that the attack had been ordered by the Kremlin, a claim vindicated by a British public inquiry earlier this year, which concluded that Vladimir Putin and his top espionage chief had “probably approved” his murder. 

However, Russians continue to deny their part in his death, and Company Pictures boss Judy Counihan remarks that the story is “like a real-life Bond film… this isn’t fiction, however, and that alone is chilling.”

When the inquiry made public its findings, Litvinenko’s widow Marina called for all Russian intelligence agents to be thrown out of the UK, and for further economic sanctions against Moscow.