Alien Hunters Are Convinced They've Found A UFO Base In Google Maps

Your Help Is Needed To Find Out The Truth Behind A Mysterious 'Floating' Island

A team of UFO hunters claim that a mysterious ‘floating’ island found in Google Maps is in actual fact a massive alien base.

The “rotating island” is located in Argentina and appears to be a bizarre circular island surrounded by a small lake.

Google Maps

According Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, the island actually seems to rotate around the lake, suggesting that it is in some way artificial.

“Argentina has an over abundance of UFO sightings compared to the rest of the world and I believer this is how aliens try to hide this particular entrance to their base.” he said.

“The shape is large and circular, big enough to fit a 100 metre UFO through it. The water below this floating island needs to be dove into and explored.”

While most of these sightings then drift away into the back channels of the internet, it seems as though this particular one has become the centre of some considerable attention.

A group of filmmakers have actually started a Kickstarter project to fund an expedition to try and discover the truth behind the lake.

Ricardo Petroni claims that if backed, he will take a group consisting of both scientists and experts in ‘ufology’ to try and discover both what it is and the truth behind its mysterious rotating island.

The team have asked for $50,000 and are currently on $4,832 so there’s still some way to go.


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