Alison Hammond Riding A Rollercoaster Live On ‘This Morning’ Is TV Gold

What a joy to behold.

We’ve all had those hideous freeze frame snaps taken midway through riding some godawful ride at Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. They’re never a good look, right?

So spare a thought for Alison Hammond who was persuaded to be filmed riding a rollercoaster at Disney World Florida live on Thursday’s ‘This Morning’.


And we have a sneaky suspicion that the Toy Story Slinky Dog coaster was a tad undersold to the presenter.

Unlucky for Alison - but lucky for the rest of us, because the clip is comedy gold.

Despite the ride looking relatively tame, Alison treated us - and Holly and Phil back in the ‘This Morning’ studio - with an array of brilliant facial expressions as she screamed her way round the track.

The deeply sympathetic Holly and Phil.
The deeply sympathetic Holly and Phil.

“I didn’t think it was going to be this bad! I thought it was a child’s rollercoaster!” she yelled, adding: “I hope we’re not on TV.”

Alas Alison, you were, and it was glorious, or as Holly put it: “That’s my favourite moment of the day so far.”


Watch the hilarious clip in all its glory in the video above.

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