Champagne Vending Machines Serve Mini Bottles Of Moet (And Help You Beat The Bar Queue)

Partay 🍾

Correction: This piece originally stated the Champagne vending machine was available at All Bar One Leicester Square until the end of November. However the machine was installed for a limited promotional period which has now ended.

As kids we loved getting our favourite sweets out of vending machines, so as adults we’re big fans of a version that dishes out Champagne.

Last weekend, a bar installed a vending machine giving out free fizz to lucky customers.

The wondrous piece of technology, which was situated inside All Bar One Leicester Square, gave free Moet to customers at the touch of a button.

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The machine was installed to celebrate the refurbishment of the All Bar One branch.

A mechanical arm gently selected bottles and passed them to the opening, ensuring no Champagne was spilt in the process.

The mini bottles were just 200ml each, making them perfect for individual sipping, but not great for a party.

But there was one tiny catch. The vending machine hosted a total of 350 bottles and customers had to be “randomly” selected by a member of bar staff to press the magic button.

Unfortunately the vending machine was only in the bar for a couple of days, but Moet do rent out vending machines for private hire.

We’re putting one on our Christmas party wish list.