This Sunday Roast Dinner With Baked Beans Breaks All The Rules

"It’s beans on toast, not beans on roast."

When it comes to Sunday roasts, many of us have our preferences. Some like theirs swimming in gravy, others have a very high ratio of roast potatoes to meat – but when one man shared his love of baked beans on his roast dinner, he quickly learned he was on his own.

This roast dinner is all beans, no greens: comprising of chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, no fewer than five Yorkshire puddings, lashings of gravy and a baked bean centrepiece. To add insult to injury, the caption on the photo seems to imply the beans are also cold.

The dinner was posted to popular Facebook page Rate My Plate, which asks members to comment on other people’s dinners, by a man named Ben H. And trust us when we say commenters did not hold back – it’s a good thing Ben’s surname has been withheld, otherwise there’d probably be a witch hunt.

“It’s supposed to be beans on toast, not beans on roast,” wrote one.

“When they suggested you have beans with your roast, they meant ‘green’, not ‘baked’,” wrote another.

“What kind of creature puts baked beans on a roast dinner?” asked another.