Amanda Holden Just Farted Live On Air During Her Heart Breakfast Show And The Rest Of The Day Is Cancelled

It was silent, but deadly.

Amanda Holden has only been in her new job at Heart Breakfast for a matter of months but she’s already made herself comfortable.

Maybe a little too comfortable.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge might need a few lessons on office etiquette following Tuesday morning’s broadcast when she let rip live on air.

Yep, Mandy was enjoying a little dance in her seat when she farted.

And to make matters worse, the whole thing – including the moment the presenter lifted her cheek to let one out – was caught on camera.

Still, at least Amanda had the decency to let her co-presenter Jamie Theakston and showbiz reporter Ashley Roberts know by mouthing “I’ve farted” to the pair before wafting the smell away.


It’s not he first bottom-related incident Amanda has gone public with either.

Earlier this year, the 48-year-old proved she had zero filter during an appearance on Shopping With Keith Lemon.

When Keith asked her if she‘s “ever got so drunk you’ve crapped your pants?”, Amanda replied: “Um, yes. Yes I have. I pooed myself, but I did have a funny tummy.”

But then came the detail…

“But I did walk home and it felt like I had a small bollock in my pants. Like a warm, pooey bollock,” she added.

“And then my then-boyfriend – this is how much he loved me – went home and he rinsed my knickers.

“That’s love isn’t it?”


One person who won’t be impressed with Amanda’s latest faux pas will be her daughter, Hollie.

The seven-year-old appeared alongside her famous mum on Heart Breakfast last week and admitted she finds her mum’s antics embarrassing – especially when she walks round the house naked.

Tune in to Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, weekdays from 06:30am – 10am.

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