Amanda Holden Admits Her Lack Of Filter Often Gets Her In Trouble With Her Husband

She's not exactly known for holding back, is she?

If there’s one thing we love about Amanda Holden, it’s that she’s not exactly one for biting her tongue… but it seems not everyone is a fan of her candidness when it comes to the media, namely her husband.

Amanda has admitted she frequently finds herself in her husband, Chris Hughes’ bad books for spilling the beans on their private lives in interviews.

<strong>Amanda Holden</strong>
Amanda Holden
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<strong>Amanda and her husband, Chris</strong>
Amanda and her husband, Chris
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When asked whether she ever wishes she had a bit more of a filter, she joked: “Oh god! All the time! Every week! Every week when I sit on the naughty step because Chris puts me there.”

We can’t think what she could possibly be referring to. It’s not like she’s recently posted a topless photo on Instagram, opened up about her sex life with her husband or suggested her nipples get so much attention they should have their own vlog, is it?

Oh… right.

Still, Amanda. We wouldn’t change you… even if your honesty does land you in the doghouse from time to time.


Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden