31/12/2019 14:21 GMT | Updated 31/12/2019 14:28 GMT

Amanda Holden Is New Year Goals As She Holidays In The Maldives After Year of ‘Suffering No Fools’

Who could she be talking about?

Amanda Holden has ended her “extraordinary” year by escaping the chilly British weather with a trip to the Maldives.

The Britain’s Got Talent star has been kind enough to share some snaps of her rather impressive tan as she relaxes in the island’s crystal clear waters.

Jealous? Us?

Mandy has been doing a fair bit of reflecting whilst on her winter break by the sounds of it, as she has also shared her thoughts on the last 12 months.

“2019 has turned out to be one of the best and most extraordinary years of my life. So many ambitions and dreams realised,” she writes on Instagram.

Sharing a photo compilation of her ‘best bits’, the TV star pays tribute to her “beautiful” family, including her husband Chris, who she described as her “anchor”.

“In the centre of it all my beautiful family,” she writes. “My anchor Chris. None of it means anything without them.”

Amanda - who reportedly fell out with her former This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield this year - goes on to say that she started the year with a determination to “suffer no fools”.

She continues: “I started 2019 with great determination and a new headspace which was to suffer no fools , to put my energy into good people and honestly not give a damn about the rest! It’s hard because I’m naturally a people pleaser but it’s paid off and I have never felt stronger or happier.

“Most importantly I never forget how lucky I am to have such love and true friends surrounding me. Thank-you for your positivity and support!! Here’s to an even bigger 2020!”

It really has been quite the 12 months for Mandy. She. Was Everywhere.

In the last year she’s given Katie Price a run for her (lack of) money in the headline grabbing stakes – and there’s not been a mucky mansion in sight.

There was plenty of other stuff though... in between the day jobs on Britain’s Got Talent and Heart Breakfast, she managed to squeeze in the aforementioned high profile feud with Phillip Schofield, a skydive, and more revelations than you could shake an NDA at.

Even a broken leg didn’t get in the way of her having the year of her life...

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