Amazing New Tool Pinpoints White-Collar Crime In America

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence goes where the DOJ fears to tread.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

America is awash in white-collar crime. Vulnerable citizens fear for their jobs and savings, while culprits slide through society unpunished. The financial predators look just like ordinary Americans. They could be your friends, your neighbors ― even members of your own family. No one is safe.

Fortunately, a team of inspired entrepreneurial developers at The New Inquiry have created a new tool to disrupt corporate fraud. Using state-of-the-art machine learning and an unprecedented new database, digital innovators Brian Clifton, Sam Lavigne and Francis Tseng have mapped new “White Collar Crime Risk Zones” that can predict exactly where financial misconduct is most likely to occur.

The geography is shocking. Would-be tourists will want to think long and hard before traveling to midtown or lower Manhattan after reviewing The New Inquiry’s work. Equally impressive is the exhaustive quantitative study the team has compiled to accompany their visual storytelling. The team has even formatted a smartphone app that can alert citizens when they enter high-risk white-collar crime neighborhoods.

At press time, the Obama and Trump administrations had failed to prosecute corporate executives responsible for the 2008 financial crisis.

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