18 Amazing Responses To 'Why Are You Still Single?'

“Why? Because not everyone can handle fabulous.”
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There are some questions that really never should be asked aloud: ‘Why haven’t you been able to find a job?’ for instance or ‘Are you and so-so ever going to have kids?’ And of course, there’s the classic, ‘Why are you still single?’

Below, HuffPost Divorce bloggers and readers on Facebook share their go-to response to questions about their relationship status.

1. “Because I have learned to love being alone with all of the freedom and creative time it’s afforded me. If someone wants to be in my life they have to enhance my life. If not, I’ll stay single, thank you.” ― Matt Sweetwood

2. “I don’t say anything. I give them a look and walk away. There are bigger things to worry about than who is sharing my bed.” ― Beth Ellen Vasquez

3. “Why am I still single? Because thanks to online dating, I am capped out on crazy material to add to my next book.” ― Nikki Greene Adame

4. “Because the ordinary people I meet bore me. I also love walking around wearing pajama pants and no bra.” ― Jami Dedman

5. “After my divorce, I replied that it took being divorced to realize how amazing I was. And realizing that made it even more clear that I was worth more than I’d allowed myself to have in a relationship. Settling was no longer for me.” ― Aubrey Keefer

6.Because it’s awesome is my typical response.” ― Marc Schouten

7. “The truth is, it’s quite awesome not having to check in with anyone but yourself.” ― Jessica Fernandez

8. “What’s wrong with being single?” ― Amanda Manis

9. “I say: Well, if only you could see me before my morning coffee! Seriously, though, I simply haven’t found the woman who’ll inspire me, challenge me and make me smile at the mere thought of her. Once I do, you’ll meet that unicorn.” ― Al Corona

10. “Because I’m not willing to settle!” ― Ashley Danielle

11. “Why? Because not everyone can handle fabulous.” ― Melina Martin

12. “I hear this literally almost every other day, usually from people who are dear to me. I tell them: Yes, meaningful companionship is essential but your life shouldn’t be any less valuable in the absence of a relationship.” ― Soumia Aziz

13. “I think honesty is the best approach to the question. I say, because I’ve made some bad choices up to this point. I pushed away the one or ones who would have made great partners. At the time, at my core, I didn’t think I deserved all the goodness they offered.” ― Craig Pace

14. “I laugh, pause and say, ‘Do you really need to ask that question?’ Then I prance off and enjoy my carefree, drama-free life. While I hang out with my kids, the other person is responsible for the feelings and whims or their partners.” ― Carla Parczynski White

15. “I absolutely hate when people ask me why I’m still not in a relationship. I usually say I just haven’t met the right guy yet.” ― Rachel Lillian Reed

16. “I am still single after being separated for just about a year now. When people ask, I say I am focusing on myself and my son. I need to be a better man and father before anything else.” ― Adam Petzold

17. “Because I haven’t met anyone that feels better than my solitude.” ― Carol Garcia

18. “I’m overqualified!” ― Susan Renáe

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