03/05/2017 14:27 BST

‘American Gods’ Episode One Includes *That* Bilquis Sex Scene, Leaving Viewers Suitably Stunned


‘American Gods’ got off to an interesting start, with episode one including that Bilquis scene.

For those not in the know, we’re referring to the moment in which she swallows a man whole, via her vagina. Yes, really. 

Yetide Badaki plays Bilquis, the Goddess of Love, who craves the attention and worship she received in ancient years. Unable to find it in the modern age, Bilquis seduces a man and while they’re having sex, she... absorbs him.

There are no words 

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s novel will have known this scene was coming, but that didn’t make it any less impressive:

Yetide has since revealed that the scene was actually the one she auditioned with, and has also praised Bilquis’s approach to sex.

She told Business Insider: “You don’t see a woman owning sex like that often.

“You see sex as something that happens to us a lot, something people apologize for or shy away from.

“Bilquis absolutely owns it and does not apologise for it. And I hope people talk about that.”

A new episode of ‘American Gods’ arrives on Amazon Prime every Monday.

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