'American Horror Story: Apocalypse': 9 Biggest Shockers From Episode 3

Surprise returns! Witches! Apple vomit! The latest instalment had it all...

Three episodes into the new series of ‘American Horror Story’, and we’ve finally had our first crossover with ‘Coven’, with Cordelia Goode’s arrival at Outpost 3 at the end of the episode, alongside two more familiar faces from the third series of Ryan Murphy’s hit anthology series.

But the trio’s arrival wasn’t the only surprise, with viewers also being treated to revelations about other Outpost 3 wards’ pasts, including apparent history with Michael Langdon, and a (rather graphic!) deadly Halloween party.

Here are all the biggest shockers episode three threw at us…

1. Most of Outpost 3 are now dead

And what a mass death it was, with vomit, blood and poisoned apple chunks being chucked up all over the shop. We had rather enjoyed the idea of ‘Apocalypse’ being almost entirely set at Outpost 3, but given that most of its wards are now deceased, we reckon the action will be moving on to a new location in future episodes (unless the coven decide to bring back anyone else, of course).

Mallory and her fatal poisoned apple
Mallory and her fatal poisoned apple

2. Apart from a select three, of course

Yes, the Supreme herself Cordelia Goode chose three of her Outpost 3 “sisters” to bring back from the dead, and while we were all but told of Mallory’s witchy side, and Dinah’s hints at her past with Michael Langdon would suggest she too has brushed with the supernatural, Coco’s resurrection was a total curveball.

3. What was all that about with Dinah and Michael Langdon?

So far, she’s the Outpost 3 ward we know the least about, and the only one Venable suggested would be suitable for the so-called Sanctuary. We discovered a bit more about her backstory when she was interviewed by Langdon, and it was suggested they’d crossed paths before. Hopefully there’ll be more of that explained in the near future.

Adina Porter as Dinah
Adina Porter as Dinah

4. Meanwhile, he revealed his own history with Mead

Indeed, not only has Mead learned she was a robot all along, she was actually based on a “caregiver” from Michael Langdon’s past. We saw at the end of ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’ that he was initially raised by Constance (Jessica Lange’s first ever ‘AHS’ character, for which she won a Golden Globe, Emmy and SAG Award), so time will tell whether she was the inspiration for Mead, or another key figure from his past.

5. Langdon said Venable would be “perfect” for the Sanctuary

After almost three whole episodes at each other’s throats, Langdon finally conceded that Venable would be an ideal candidate for the Sanctuary, although it took her trying to ambush him for him to see it. We’ll never know whether he was being sincere or not, because he forced Mead to kill her shortly afterwards. Shame. We’ll miss her tailoring.

The coven returns
The coven returns

6. Myrtle Snow and Maddison are still alive

Both of these characters died in the last episode of ‘Coven’, after Cordelia was revealed to be the new Supreme, so we were surprised to see them at her side when she made her way into Outpost 3. We assume an explanation is still to come…

7. And Maddison knows Mallory too

We’re assuming that Maddion’s closing comment of “surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me” was a hint that she and Billie Lourd’s character have previous, and not just an excuse for her to dig up her most iconic line from ‘Coven’.

8. Erm… what’s going to happen to Brock now?

After stabbing Coco in the forehead (ouchie!), is his storyline done now? Or will he be sticking around the battle the spawn of Satan, or the comeback queens of ‘Coven’? Given his open wounds and newly-missing fingers, we wouldn’t fancy his chances, in all honesty….

Brock is... not looking great, let's be honest
Brock is... not looking great, let's be honest

9. Oh - and Andre is Dinah’s son?!

Did this catch anyone else off guard? Or have we just not been paying attention all this time?

Next week, we’re looking out for more news about what the Coven have been up to since we last saw them, hopefully a few hair-flips from Michael Langdon... and some actual lines from Myrtle Snow would be good, too.

‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ airs on Thursday nights at 10pm on FOX, with new episodes then available to stream on NOW TV.


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