Watch This 10-Year-Old Girl Smack Down Andrew Neil On Why 'The Nanny State' Can Be Good For You

Wait for the zinger at the end

The BBC’s Andrew Neil may be one of the most formidable political interviewers in the business, but he has had taste of his own medicine thanks so some sparky schoolgirls.

As part of a CBBC special, Daily Politics anchor Neil was interviewing the two 10-year-olds about the pros and cons of “nanny state” policies imposed by the Governments.

Charlotte, from the Wirral, and Henrietta, from Worcester, made a clear case -often better than most politician - in arguing for the state to step in to protect people’s health in areas such as car seatbelts.

The veteran broadcaster suggested that when he was their age his instinct was to rebel against authority.

10-year-old Henrietta and Charlotte
10-year-old Henrietta and Charlotte

“When I was your age and someone told me not to do something, that usually meant I tried to do it,” he lectured them.

But Charlotte, from the Wirral, then schooled him brilliantly with the reply: “Maybe you weren’t educated properly enough about health and wellbeing”.


"Many people have said that..." admitted a chastened Neil.

The clip, which was aired for the first time on children’s channel CBBC today, was part of a series called ‘All Over The Workplace’ to show kids how various jobs work behind the scenes.

It was recorded before the ‘sugar tax’ was unveiled this week by George Osborne in his Budget.

It’s not yet clear whether the girls would back higher prices for sugary drinks. But if they do, maybe Jamie Oliver should get them on board.


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