'The Angriest Librarian' Schools Columnist Over Anti-Library Tweets

"First of all, library usage is on the RISE mother*******."

Don’t mess with librarians.

New York Observer columnist Andre Walker learned that lesson this week when he called for the closure of public libraries, and posted tweets critical of librarians.

Thousands responded to Walker’s initial tweet, noting the valuable role libraries play in communities. Among the educators and advocates tweeting their responses was Alex “The Angriest Librarian” Halpern:

More than 100 people responded to Halpern’s tweets, praising his comments and sharing their support for libraries. So, the Angriest Librarian was happy again.

But then, Walker doubled down on his initial claim.

After receiving a flood of responses, Walker walked back his original comments.

As for Halpern, he now has thousands of new library-loving followers:

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