Ant And Dec Tease 'SM:TV Live' Reunion For 20th Anniversary

Chums! Wonkey Donkey! Challenge Ant!

Children of the 90s and 00s, listen up because we have some exciting news - Ant and Dec have confirmed they are discussing bringing back ‘SM:TV Live’.

The Geordie duo revealed they are hoping to mark the Saturday morning kids’ show’s 20th anniversary next year with a one-off special.

Ant and Dec with Cat Deeley on 'SM:TV Live'
Ant and Dec with Cat Deeley on 'SM:TV Live'
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Speaking to The Huffington Post UK and other journalists, the pair admitted they have been very excited about potentially getting back together with Cat Deeley and resurrecting some of the show’s famous sketches.

Ant said: “We were talking about this recently because it’s been 20 years since the launch of ‘SM:TV’ next year, so we were saying whether there was an appetite to do an anniversary special or something, and we kind of got carried away with the idea, didn’t we?”

He continued: “Just a one off, at 9.25am the same time, ‘Chums’ and all that, and get Cat back.”

After some persuasion that it was literally *the best idea we’ve ever heard*, Dec said: “We’re kind of floating it by a few people and getting a straw poll, and so far we’ve had some positive responses, so that’s good to know.”

Ant added: “You may have just swung it!”

Ant and Dec hosted ‘SM:TV Live’ from its launch in 1998, until they quit in 2001.

The show continued until 2003, when it was hosted by the likes of H and Claire, Tess Daly and Brian Dowling.

In the meantime, the pair will be back on screen this weekend, with the latest series of their hit show ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’.

Former ‘Gogglebox’ star and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ winner Scarlett Moffatt is joining the presenting team, in a yet-to-be-revealed role.

‘Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ starts on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

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