24/02/2017 13:10 GMT | Updated 24/02/2017 18:23 GMT

Ant And Dec Reveal Which Celebs Had The Worst Reactions To Their 'Saturday Night Takeaway' Pranks

'One or two people have had to have a little walk around the block.'

Ant and Dec’s ‘Undercover’ pranks are one of the best things about ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’, but the boys have reveals which celebrity victims reacted the worst to their antics. 

The pair admitted they thought Gordon Ramsay was going to punch them in the face, after they pranked him, while Bradley Walsh also took a while to cool off.  

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Ant and Dec are back with a new series of 'Saturday Night Takeaway' 

Asked if there was ever one time where someone’s reaction had meant they couldn’t use the footage, Ant said: “We’ve never had one where they can’t use it, but we’ve had people who’ve needed a little bit longer to calm down.” 

“One or two people have had to have a little walk around the block,” Dec said. 

Ant continued: “Bradley Walsh had to be driven round the block.

“There’s different levels of anger. Gordon Ramsay was quite angry. He kind of got it, but he’s just an angry man. He’s just quite terrifying when he’s staring right at you.”

The pair are famed for their 'Undercover' pranks

Dec recalled: “That’s the first time I thought I was going to get punched, I thought he could hit me. I was in his toilet having a poo, so I came out and asked him for a selfie and he looked like he could smash my face in.

“We’ve never had anything that is unusable, thankfully. Touch wood. Thus far. There’s always time.”

He continued: “The other thing is everyone we ever get, whether it be Jeremy Kyle, Gordon Ramsay, John Fashanu back in the day, all those guys have said, ‘you do realise, I will get you back’. We’re kind of on constant look out that one of them, at some point, will get revenge.”

Ant revealed Jeremy Kyle had tried to get revenge on them at a charity auction last year, explaining: “He surprised us and made us get up on stage and try and wear Sunderland football tops, which kind of backfired because we were in Newcastle, so the crowd was behind us.

“He’s the only one who’s really pushed it through. We have the odd message off Ramsay saying, ‘I haven’t forgotten’, and now he’s signed to ITV...”

Dec added: “It does put the chills down you when you get a message off Ramsay. 

The pair are back with a new series of ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ this weekend, as they go undercover to prank Jamie Oliver at his new restaurant.

‘Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ airs on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.  

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