‘Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ Attracts New, Bizarre Ofcom Complaints

wedding ceremony didn't impress everyone.

Ant and Dec have once again sparked a series of bizarre Ofcom complaints, thanks to the latest episode of ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’.

The Geordie duo delighted millions of fans who tuned in but, as usual, you just can’t please everyone, and a handful of viewers felt the need to contact the broadcasting regulator.

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After inspiring a series of unexpected complaints last week, the duo have struck again, and this time around, viewers aren’t happy with the ‘wedding’ that took place on the show.

One has contacted Ofcom over the “embarrassing” ceremony, according to reports, and there were another six complaints about language used on the show, even though no expletives were uttered.

Other viewers weren’t happy with the Irish stereotypes given a nod in the ‘Who Shot Simon Cowell?’ sketch, while two others claimed producers used gender bias when picking the participants for ‘Win The Ads’.

Last week’s complaints covered the fact someone was shown driving a car while on the phone, Gino D’Acampo’s saucy language and a scene that saw Dec (jokingly) threaten to punch Ant.

Ant and Dec’s current ITV deal is due to run out later this year, and while they’ve hinted at plans to leave the broadcaster, it’s believed that bosses are about to make them a big-money offer.

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