9 Anti-Valentine's Day Cards For All The Haters Out There

Valentine’s, schmalentines.

We all bemoan Valentine’s Day, but whether you hate the commercialisation or soppy sentiment, many of us will still find ourselves buying cards by 14 February.

The whole thing is a bit of a minefield, to be honest. You might be a Valentine’s denier but don’t want to get in trouble with your partner for forgetting. Or you’re with someone new and don’t want to go OTT... but equally don’t want to show up empty-handed.

With that in mind here are 10 nonchalant cards that will make you look like you don’t give a damn, without hurting anyone’s feelings.

I hate you the least, Thortful, £3.29 - requested pic

You’ll do valentines card, Paperchase, £2.50

Alternative Greetings Card - Another Year As My Husband, Etsy, £3.50

Happy guilt-driven consumerism day! Etsy, £2.95

Anti Valentine’s Day Poem Card, Not On The High Street, £2.20

It started with a kiss, Naughty Little Cards, £3

Spot popper valentines card, Paperchase, £2.50

There Is No One I Would Rather, Bubblegum Balloons on Not On The High Street, £4.95

Insufferable Shits, Scribbler, from £2.49

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