9 Things You Can Do With Your iPhone Headphones (Now Apple Has Made Them Redundant)

Put them in a time capsule.

So, it happened.

The long-awaited launch of the iPhone 7 has seen Apple ditch the headphone jack, making our headphones redundant forever. Joy.

This is pretty frustrating for most iPhone users, not least because we have drawers literally full of Apple things that have now become even more useless than they previously were.

Here is what we’ll be using ours for instead...

1. For Apple Laptops

At least for the time being.

2. To Build A Shrine To The Hundreds Of Hours Lost Untangling Them

Never again.

3. For Aeroplanes

At least you won’t have to pay for headphones on EasyJet flights.

4. As A General Deterrent For People Wanting To Talk On Public Transport

They don’t need to know you aren’t listening to anything.

5. For Your iPod

Bringing back devices for your dad since 2016.

6. As A Christmas Present For All Your Friends With An iPhone 6

How thoughtful.

7. To Put In A Time Capsule For Future Generations

Those are so 2015.

8. Make Them Into Fashionable Earrings

Talk about recycling.

9. As A Constant Reminder Of The Better Quality Audio You Are Now Free To Have

We never really liked them anyway.


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