03/02/2017 11:14 GMT

'Apple Tree Yard' Episode 3: 6 Questions We're Asking Of Emily Watson's Infidelity Drama

Has Yvonne made the right decision to keep quiet?

We’re halfway through ‘Apple Tree Yard’ and it’s probably fair to say fans are caught somewhere between horror and sympathy for Yvonne’s trauma following her brutal assault, and intense frustration for some of her decisions, particularly those ones including her clearly very dodgy lover.

There’s no doubt Emily Watson’s portrayal of a married woman caught between shock and desire is making Yvonne a more sympathetic character than she would otherwise be.  

Much of my concern is reserved, however, for her husband Gary, played by the always convincing Mark Bonnar - yes, he’s erred himself, but he’s got some big shocks ahead of him.

In the meantime...  

1. Why did Yvonne decide to tell her lover about her attack by George Selway, not the police, and how does this affect any chances of the latter’s conviction?

What exactly is the case against  Yvonne, and will she tell her solicitor everything?

2. How much does her husband Gary know, anyway - has he guessed?

3. Why was Yvonne’s lover so concerned about George Selway knowing anything about him? For her sake, or for his own?

4. Who will Mr X’s ‘expert’ turn out to be? And why were they meeting in a cafe, not an office? Yvonne was very quick to trust him with her most personal secrets.

How much does Gary know?

5. How was Mr X planning to scare Selway, kitted out in those jogging trousers?

6. What exactly went wrong when he went in there, because clearly something did, hence the handcuffs?

If you can guess how this all ends, tweet me your theories at @FrostReporter. Catch up with ‘Apple Tree Yard’ on BBCiPlayer.

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