This Is Why You Should Never Apply Concealer Before Foundation

You might be undoing your efforts to cover up.

If you apply concealer before and after your foundation, we urge you to stop doing that right now. Not only are you wasting money and makeup, but you're undoing your efforts to cover up.

Makeup artist and Beauty Director at Large Romy Soleimani says when you apply concealer first, you're wiping the concealer off when you place foundation on top. She adds, "Applying concealer after foundation makes identifying where to use it much easier."

As a general rule of thumb, Soleimani prefers to use concealer on areas that need more coverage: under eyes, around the nose and blemishes. "I always use concealer after foundation, tinted moisturizer or nothing at all to only conceal where needed, keeping the skin supple, natural and glowing," she says.

Having the best concealer makes wearing it alone so much easier. A few of our favorites are NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer and Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer.

Check out the makeup tutorial above for more need-to-know concealer tips, including how to choose the correct shade for your skin tone and when it's best to use cream versus stick formulas.

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