Five Apps That Will Help You Start Your Own Business

A new life at your fingertips...

Finding room for all the paperwork, wall space for pinning up plans, lists and reminders used to mean you had to get an office just to plan how to get your new office.

The time, stress and money it takes to find the right working space, arrange meetings, create brand awareness and keep track of finances are sometimes enough to make a new venture fall flat before it’s had the chance to start-up at all.

Luckily, budding entrepreneurs can now take care of the big considerations and the small details from anywhere via their laptops, tablets or phones. Download the right app, grab a cup of coffee, and you’ll be in business in no time.

It’s Storing Time

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A new venture involves tons of online research, but because you’re not yet sure exactly what you’re after, you bookmark pages that aren’t particularly useful, while totally failing to find that link that now seems so vital. Evernote helps you neatly clip and tag info, add and edit, store emails or tweets, embed pictures, jot down lists and even create doodles. Easy to navigate, share and accessible on all your devices.

Make The Right Call

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A new business means lots of phone calls, and the likes of WeChat, Skype and WhatsApp may be free, but aren’t necessarily the most sophisticated way to connect with potential clients across the world. Beckon has made its mark for its HD sound quality, offering free international calls and ability to connect over a hundred users for conference calls.

Keep Tabs On Your Spending

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However good you may be with money, bookkeeping for a new business is never easy. Xero helps you manage accounts, send invoices, add receipts, create expense claims, arrange billing and payroll. Its clean interface, user-friendly navigation and multiple integrations means you won’t need to hire an accountant just yet.

It’s Good To Share
There’s nothing more frustrating than someone saying they couldn’t open an attachment or find a link (sometimes that someone being you), which is what makes the ease of syncing in Box such a relief. It’s basically your desktop folder, only you can access it from all your devices, in some cases offline, and share selected files with your team or clients, who can read and add comments accordingly.

The Find The Best Apps App

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With tech tools evolving everyday, always check Product Hunt to see what’s new and read up on what users have to say about them. Top of their latest choice of small business apps is Mobilized, which finds apps and tools that are perfect for your small business.


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