13/04/2018 15:11 BST

Arctic Monkeys Tickets Selling Out Has Brought Out The Best And Worst In People

Hell hath no fury like a millennial who didn’t get a ticket.

The struggle to purchase tickets is one music fans know all too well.

On Friday (13 April) morning, it was time for Arctic Monkeys fans to experience the hell of breaking the refresh key, speed-typing credit card numbers and raiding the savings account in the hope of catching the band live later this year.

The upcoming tour will support their sixth album,‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, and the fact the record isn’t even out yet did not stop every sales website in the UK from slowing to a glacial pace, as fans scrambled to get their hands on tickets that were dwindling in supply.

Adrienne Battistella/REX/Shutterstock
Alex Turner on stage in 2014

Basic mathematics will tell you that the number of Arctic Monkeys fans in the UK attempting to purchase tickets far outweighed the number available and, even with a string of dates being added as the sale was happening, many were left disappointed.

And this being 2018, a lot of fans who were unsuccessful soon tweeted their thoughts on matter. Now, this is where a divide soon appeared.

While some busted out some pretty good jokes and watched the retweets roll in, a number were - how do we say this politely? - being mardy bums.

Allow us to demonstrate. Here are a few of the jokes that have had us laughing all morning:

Good, right?

Next up are the people who were unsuccessful, but not taking things too seriously:

And then this lot. Are they being bitter? Decide for yourselves... 

It’s not a good look, but a few other users were ready to put those complaining back in their place:

Finally, bonus points go to this user, JT, who expertly trolled everyone: 

The tour will be Arctic Monkeys’ first since 2013-14, when they hit the road to promote their chart-topping release ‘AM’.

The new album is out on Friday 11 May and a press release announcing its release teased that the record “ups the ante in a big way; it is a bold and brilliant album reflecting [Alex] Turner’s ever more comprehensive creative vision”.