Are You Lucky Enough To Have Dyspraxia At Work?

Dyspraxia affects me every single day, but I don’t feel that it has stopped me from achieving my dreams
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As far as I know, I am the first MP to have dyspraxia, but I would not be surprised to learn that there have been others before me.

Dyspraxia affects me every single day, but I don’t feel that it has stopped me from achieving my dreams.

Now, as a Member of Parliament, I know how lucky I am being in a role where I can openly talk about my condition and not have it impact on my job.

That’s why I try to use my position to speak up for those who feel they can’t be open about their dyspraxia.

Because many people worry about being held back by their employer, or not being able to find work at all because of their dyspraxia.

In my former jobs I never spoke openly to my employers. I was so worried that I would be first on the dole queue if any cuts came around.

This is one of the reasons why raising awareness of dyspraxia is so important, and why I am so proud of the GMB, my union, for once again being at the forefront and being the first to produce such a guide.

Hopefully it will serve to raise awareness of dyspraxia and also make employees and their employers more attentive to the condition.

I am proud to be a person with dyspraxia. It need not hold people back. The people I have met with dyspraxia are strong, talented people who are a funny and quirky bunch. People are instantly drawn to them. I have always said dyspraxia can be a good thing because the people who make a difference in the world are those who stand out and are not the same as everyone else.

So if you do have a dyspraxic in your workplace then you are lucky because we are the often the problem solvers, creators and innovators of this world, we are never the ones sat in the room thinking the same as everyone else, so please embrace us and make sure you use this guide to get the best out of us you won’t be disappointed.

GMB’s guide to dyspraxia in the workplace can be found here

Emma Lewell-Buck is the Labour MP for South Shields


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