11/07/2017 09:29 BST

Asda's Magnum Of Prosecco For £14 Isn't As Big A Bargain As You'd Think

We've found something better 😉🥂

Much to everyone’s delight, Asda is selling a magnum of fizz for £14. 

The Sun and Metro reported that, due to depleting stocks of Prosecco worldwide, Asda has launched its own 1.5 litre bottle of the stuff for a rather attractive price. 

But, in an age where you can get a 75cl bottle of Prosecco for £5-6, is it really that great a deal?

Asda’s mouthwatering deal is on the Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco Magnum, which is an ‘extra dry’ and ‘deliciously soft and appley prosecco from Italy’.

It’s been reduced from £15.98 to £14, meaning stocks aren’t likely to last.

Of course, a magnum looks pretty fancy on your dining table, but there are better ways to get more bang for your buck when buying fizz.

For example, on Asda’s website you can get a 75cl bottle of Canti Prosecco for £6. It’s described as ‘extra dry’ with ‘a taste of green apples and flowers’. Two bottles of the stuff (equating to 1.5l) would be £12 - that’s £2 cheaper than your magnum. 

At Tesco, you can get a 75cl bottle of Bella Cucina Prosecco for £5.85. The tipple from North East Italy is described as “classically refreshing and lively with crisp fruit flavours and floral notes”.

Meanwhile at Aldi, you can get a 75cl bottle of Belletti Prosecco Spumante (a ‘dry and floral’ drink with ‘citrus fruit and flowery features’) for £5.79 - that’s £11.58 for 1.5l. 

And if you want to get an even bigger deal, stock up on the Belletti Prosecco Frizzante (“same great taste, less bubbles”) from Aldi, for £5.25 per 75cl bottle. You can get three bottles for £1.25 more than a magnum. 

Next time you feel swayed by that delightfully big bottle, you know what to do.