28/10/2016 13:58 BST | Updated 28/10/2016 15:29 BST

Australia's Answer To The Northern Lights Is So Much Better Than We Imagined


If you need another reason to book that holiday to Australia, the Southern hemisphere’s Aurora Australis might just be it. 

Let us introduce you to the cosmic light display that was so bright this week in Tasmania, amateur photographers in the island state were able to capture strikingly beautiful photos of the coloured night sky. 

The Aurora Australis occurs when the magnetosphere is disturbed by solar wind, releasing a burst of magnetic fields into space.

As a rule of thumb the further south and away from urban areas, with light pollution, the better your chances of seeing an aurora are.

If you’re in Southern Australia, you can check the hourly aurora forecast to plan your night-time activities.

The #AuroraAustralis, or southern lights, has dazzled the night #sky in #Tasmania. 📷: @ffourie

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