04/04/2018 10:12 BST | Updated 04/04/2018 10:12 BST

Woman's Kind Act For Elderly Stranger Shows You Should Never Think Twice About Helping Others


An author based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has warmed hearts across the globe after sharing a story of the importance of trusting your gut and helping others in need.

Celeste Ng said she was driving to the gym when she passed an elderly lady who was sitting on the pavement. The author said the weather was cold (40°F/4°C) and she found the woman’s choice to sit there a little odd, “I told myself she was probably fine, but I also felt uneasy,” she tweeted.

While some in a similar situation would’ve rushed past, not giving it a second thought, Celeste drove around the block once more and stopped to ask the stranger on the pavement if she was okay. And it’s just as well that she did.

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The elderly woman explained that she had gone for a walk and realised, too late, that she couldn’t walk as far as first thought.

“She’d sat down to rest and then couldn’t stand up on her own again,” Celeste explained.

The author helped the elderly woman to her feet, directed her towards her car and drove the woman back to where she lived in a residential care home, roughly three blocks away.

“I am so glad I came back to check, and didn’t just assume she was fine,” she said.

After sharing the story in a Twitter thread, dozens of people replied to the author praising her for the simple yet hugely impactful act of kindness. Some even explained how altruistic acts had made all the difference to their lives. 

Celeste concluded her Twitter thread: “I guess the moral of the story is: If you’re able, always take a minute and check if someone needs help.”

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