These Babies In Tiny Halloween Costumes Make 2020 Feel Less Scary

So cute. So squishy.

Trick or Treating may or may not happen this year, but doesn’t mean to see you can’t still get into the Halloween spirit and dress up the kids. Many parents plan to participate safely in the holiday this year, by getting their kids into costumes and celebrating together at home.

For the youngest family members, we’ve found some sweet and hilarious ideas to replicate. Trending in 2020 are homages to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Chadwick Boseman, a.k.a. the King, in “Black Panther.” Spooky classics like the ghost, witch and wizard are not going anywhere, and you can’t go wrong with a baby human dressed as an adorably non-terrifying wild baby animal.

Find inspiration for baby’s first Halloween costume in the slideshow below:

Baby Black Panther
This little superhero is clearly tuckered out from saving Wakanda. (Costume is by @pitterpatscreation, who does a whole line in infant superhero attire; photography is by @tararubyphotography)
Baby Lion
I am tiny lion cub, hear me roar!
Baby Seniors
Toddlers dressed as seniors is a Halloween trend that never gets old. Mom made the wigs and Dad made the walkers for these twin sisters; find instructions for the costumes at
Baby Snow White
Definitely the fairest of them all!
Baby (and Mom and Dad) Incredible
This baby superhero has not one but two sidekicks. These costumes make suburban crimefighters out of the entire family.
Baby Boxer
Baby Tripp spent Halloween 2019 in the neonatal intensive care unit. "Tripp has knocked out 7 brain surgeries and has beat 170 days in the NICU. Happy Halloween from our little fighter!🏆," wrote his mom, @themrscartershow, in a sweet Instagram post.
Baby Baby Yoda
Turns out there is actually something cuter than Baby Yoda, and that's Baby Baby Yoda. This adorable (and cozy) crocheted get-up is available on Etsy, from @Apinyarn.
Baby Scuba Diver
This is such an ingenious use of a pacifier! Dad @AmonteMartin, creator of the Process podcast, said the homemade costume cost less than $15 to make.
Baby Spag Bol
Mom made the spaghetti, Dad rustled up the meatballs. Note how very comfortable this scrumptious baby looks seated in the pot!
Baby Gumball Machine
This candy-themed costume has been crafted with colourful pompoms, glued to a tiny bonnet and sock boots. So sweet!
Baby Harry Potter
This little guy captures the magical side of Halloween in his Hogwarts get-up. The eyebrow-pencil-drawn lightning-bolt scar completes the look.
Big Decisions
Big cat, witch or bumble bee? Baby Sammy can't quite make up her mind!
Baby Cotton Candy
Who needs Trick or Treating, when you can stay home and dream of cotton candy?
Baby Ruth Bader Ginsburg
With her tiny doily collar, spectacles and gavel, this little RBG is supremely adorable. Find more DIY creations by teacher and mom, @tinamariegreen, on her blog, The Bear & The Fawn.
Baby Ghost
This costume from @yellowlollipopphotog is so cute it's scary! Perfect for infants who like to be swaddled, it's sure to incite way more awwwwwws than aghhhhhhs!
Baby Maleficent
Who wore it better, Angelina Jolie or @baby.trasua?