10/11/2016 14:58 GMT

These Eight Parents Seriously Regret Their Baby Name Choices

'My son's first name is Donald... I feel like it’s about to become cumbersome.'

Baby name regret is something all parents want to avoid, so take heed of the cautionary tales from these eight parents on Reddit who shared their reasons for seriously regretting their name choice all those years ago...

Ayla Rose

“The wife suggested a unique fore/middle name combo for our daughter - Ayla Rose - which I really liked so we went with it. About three months after she was born I saw a billboard advertising a lingerie shop [with the same name]. My wife claims she never realised before I pointed it out, but I don’t believe her. So my daughter is named after a brand of posh panties. And, I’ve just Googled it and it seems there’s also a nude model called Ayla Rose. Great. It gets better...”



“My daughter is named Capri and I get asked about Capri pants and Capri Sun all the time. She’s actually named for a Colbie Caillat song. We call her Pri or Pripri.”



“My middle daughter’s name is Dawn. My mother-in-law suggested it at the hospital. It’s fine I guess, but I only agreed to it because I had just a cesarean, hadn’t thought of anything yet, and I was too tired to give a shit. Now I regret that I didn’t come up with something better ahead of time.”



“My son, his first name is Donald. It’s not what he goes by, but I feel like it’s about to become cumbersome.”



“My son’s name is Elias. It’s not particularly popular or common nationally. But as it turns out, it’s wildly popular in our city. We know at least five other boys in our immediate social circle with that name. I still like the name, but we probably wouldn’t have chosen it if we’d known it was the Jennifer-circa-1975 of our post code.”



“I worked at Disney World a few years ago as a photographer. I was taking pictures of these two little girls. The mum said: “Come on, Elsa”. I asked the mum if that was really her name. She sighed and said: “Yeah. She’s Elsa”. This was about six months after ‘Frozen’ came out. You can tell they never expected that name to get as wildly popular as it did.”



“The wife and I almost named our daughter Isis, but settled on Iris instead. Then ISIS came around the following year.”



“My boss named her daughter Siri before the iPhone Siri existed. Now every time she says “hey Siri!” iPhones go off all around.”


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