10 Things You Only Know If You Really Fancy Bald Men

Jason Statham though.

If a receding hairline is the quickest way to your heart, then it will come as no surprise to you that a new study has confirmed what we have always known - bald men are a superior species.

The findings from the University of Pennsylvania showed that our hairless heroes seem more dominant, confident and attractive when pitted against their hairy peers.

Now where did we put those clippers?

1. You never have to wait hours for them to get ready.

2. You don’t worry about them stealing your expensive shampoo.

3. You never have to drop subtle hints about washing greasy hair.

4. You don’t get hair gel all over your hands.

5. You don’t have to watch them fix their fringe whenever the wind blows.

6. You don’t have to deal with the definitely-too-short period after a bad haircut.

7. You know they aren’t hiding a terrible face behind all that hair.

8. You haven’t got to worry about picking out their grey hairs in the future.

9. You won’t have to deal with them developing a baldness complex.

10. You know you are basically dating Jason Statham.

Case closed.