Baptiste Episode 2 Review: The 11 Burning Questions We Now Have

We told you there was more to this case than just a missing person.

Julien Baptiste had his work cut out in the latest instalment of Baptiste on Sunday night, as he tried to work out exactly who Edward Stratton really is.

With a game of cat and mouse unfolding, there were plenty of questions (and indeed theories) that arose...

Was there more to Natalie’s version of events?

Having been tracked down at the end of the last episode, Natalie explained to Baptiste that Edward was a client of hers who had become obsessive and abusive. Revealing Edward was in cahoots with the Romanians, she told of how he worked for a tracking company that he was using to help the Romanians move things around without people asking.

While her claims certainly seemed to check out, there were things Natalie was definitely holding back, with Constantin and Edward agreeing that there was no way she’d have told Baptiste the full truth. But what is that? Which brings us to...


Why in particular was Edward obsessed with Natalie?

As we’ve already said, there has to be more to their relationship than purely sex worker and obsessed client. But with her now dead, we’re going to have to wait to find out more.

What was Natalie’s ex really doing in the hospital toilet?

Neils and his colleague tracked down Natalie’s next of kin to identify her body, who was revealed as an ex-boyfriend who now has a son. But when they located him at a hospital while waiting for his child to have an operation, he made a suspicious trip to the toilet, just moments after having already been in there.

Neils brushed it off as just getting rid of drugs, but perhaps he was sending some sort of text message to someone? We’re not sure who, but the moment spiked our attention.

Why can’t the police find a link between Edward and the Romanians?

Martha’s son said he’s been working on the Romanian gang case for a while, yet they had never established a link between them and Edward. Is this because Niels is one of the officers Edward is paying to stay quiet, in order to keep his operation running?


Does Niels’ cancer bear relevance elsewhere in the story?

Forgive us for being suspicious, but there is definitely a reason why the pre-titles segment was dedicated to Niels visiting his consultant to talk about reconstructive surgery, having previously been diagnosed with cancer – something his mother later admitted to Baptiste.

Who does the money in the bag belong to, and was it Natalie who put it there?

Remember when the dog on the tulip farm dug something up on the last episode? Well, it turned out to be a massive bag full fo cash. If it was Natalie who put it there (which the discovery of the N necklace seemed to suggest) why did she have it in the first place? Could that be the reason she was being pursued by Edward and the gang?


How did the farmer know Natalie?

Further suggesting it was Natalie who buried the money was the revelation the farmer somehow knew her, as when he decided to take the newly-found money to the police station, he was stopped in his tracks when news of her death flashed up on the TV. The pair are obviously linked, but how?

What was in the letter?

After finding out about Natalie’s fate, the shaken farmer rushed home and opened a letter that had been posted to him but seemingly left unopened. As the contents weren’t written in English, we couldn’t read not what the letter said, but the next thing we knew, the farmer was at the hospital taking Natalie’s ex’s son. Was the letter from Natalie, and could the sick child actually be hers?

Why did Edward want his relative dead?

After Baptiste was sent a report from a UK colleague about the man Constantin killed at the start of episode one, he was revealed as an apparent relative of Edward’s, Richard Stratton. With his severed head now holed up in Edward’s basement, it’s suggested he had a hand in his killing, but why? That is unless it was sent to him as a threat by the Romanians.


Will Baptiste make it out of Edward’s basement unscathed?

Having made his way to Edward’s house following the revelation about his relative, Baptiste found himself in a rather sticky situation when Edward caught him in his basement having just discovered Richard’s head. With Edward brandishing a gun, it appeared Baptiste was going to have a lot of talking to do to get himself out of this one.

Will Baptiste’s wife be killed?

Things are certainly not looking good for Celia after the ‘gas man’ decided to pay another visit...

Baptiste continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.