24/03/2019 22:25 GMT

Baptiste Episode 6 Explained As Finale Serves Up A Nasty Surprise For Julien

However, we were still left with one massive question.

*Warning! This article contains spoilers for the sixth and final episode of Baptiste*

Baptiste had one final surprise as the BBC thriller reached its conclusion on Sunday night, with our lead Julien Baptiste perhaps wishing he’d never met that long-lost son of his. 

The last episode of the series revealed that Niels Horchner was working with the Romanian trafficking gang, the Brigada Serbilu, as an informant from inside the police force. 

Julien's son Niels was revealed to be involved with the Brigada

Suspicions were first turned on his mother following last week’s cliffhanger, which saw Julien realise a phone call to Martha Horchner while Edward Stratton and his ex-wife were on their way into hiding had led the Brigada to their location. 

As the finale kicked off, Julien and Genevieve Taylor tracked Niels down at a bar as they hunted for Martha, only to be targeted by a Brigada in a car chase just moments later. 

After surviving the shoot-out, Julien’s suspicions spiked, and he and Genevieve paid a visit to Mr Visher - the local man from earlier in the series who had been caught monitoring his town’s CCTV footage.

Julien and Genevieve were targeted by the Brigada

This visit led to the discovery that the suspicious phonecall Niels had made in the service station toilet some episodes earlier, was to Constantine.

Following a raid on his flat, Niels then confirmed his involvement with the Brigada during a call with Julien, before going on the run. 

Meanwhile, Edward was seen paying a visit to the late Kim Vogel’s boyfriend Greg, who showed him the contents of the box she had left for him in storage during last week’s episode. 

In it was a list of phone numbers and co-ordinates, which Kim had kept as insurance from the Brigada, after she left behind her previous life as their top associate, Dragomir Zelincu. 

Genevieve then received a call from a Europol colleague telling her the Brigada had shut down their Netherlands operation, wanting Neils’ head for bringing too much attention to their door. 

Two months later, Edward and Julien were seen meeting on the beach near Edward’s late father’s home, where they discussed what had happened with the co-ordinates he had been given by Greg. 

Edward Stratton's involvement in the case was futile, as everyone he tried to rescue was either killed or trafficked 

A series of flashbacks revealed they had led police to the girls the Brigada were trafficking, who were rescued. However, it was revealed Natalie Rose’s sister Christina was not among them, meaning Edward’s involvement in the case had all been in vain, as she was sold for 750 euros. 

Another flashback then revealed Martha had met up with Niels while he was on the run, handing him a passport. However, he soon realised she had set him up, and as police quickly surrounded them, he pulled a gun on his mother. 

Niels killed his mother Martha after realising she had betrayed him

As Julien arrived at the scene, he shot Martha dead and also shot Julien in the arm, before being carted off to prison.

While the case seemed to be all wrapped up, viewers were still left wondering what became of sex worker Natalie’s younger sister, Christina, after she was sold. 

But with Julien having a knack f tracking down missing people, we wouldn’t be surprised if this detail was left in to set up another series.

Baptiste is available to watch in full on the BBC iPlayer now.