06/09/2017 17:33 BST | Updated 07/09/2017 10:45 BST

'BBC Breakfast' Inadvertently Insults Entire Town With Subtitling Fail

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‘BBC Breakfast’ may have wound up accidentally offending an entire town, thanks to a subtitling fail in Wednesday’s (6 September) episode.

During the broadcast, a segment was aired about the decline of fishing on the English coast, homing in particularly on Cromer, in Norfolk.

Reporter Jayne McCubbin was heard telling viewers that number of fishermen in the town, “famous for its crabs”, was in decline.

However, anyone relying on the show’s subtitles for their information would have been told a very different story altogether:

Responding to the gaffe, Jayne later commented on her Twitter page: “Oh. Sorry, Cromer.”

The “crap”/”crabs” debacle wasn’t the only rude moment on Wednesday’s ‘BBC Breakfast’, though, with one eagle-eyed viewer spotting this cheeky joke:

Still, an subtitling fail and an errant joke on a fisherman’s t-shirt is nothing compared to the controversy that’s been brewing over on rival show ‘Good Morning Britain’ this week.

In his first week back after a summer break, Piers Morgan made headlines for being dismissive towards interviewee Munroe Bergdorf, who held her own despite having her views branded as “a load of nonsense” by the divisive TV personality.

The following day, ‘GMB’ sparked more than 100 complaints to Ofcom over their decision to film an interview with a guest promoting so-called gay conversion therapy.

In the wake of the controversy, Piers cut an interview short when he was branded a “narcissist” by a guest, during a debate about whether people promoting subjects like gay conversion therapy should be allowed on television.

Yep, all this and we’re only mid-way through the week.

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