‘BBC Dad’ Returns To Offer Some Adorable Mayhem During This Chaotic Time

Robert E. Kelly – and his rambunctious kiddos – returned to TV to offer some much needed comedic relief during the pandemic.

In 2017, Professor Robert E. Kelly, an expert on South Korea, instantly became “BBC Dad” after his happy-go-lucky children playfully crashed a live Skype interview he was having with BBC News.

Flash forward to the coronavirus pandemic, and many parents probably feel a lot like Kelly thanks to a messy combo of school closures, folks working from home and video conferences.

That’s one reason why people are gobbling up a very relatable appearance by Kelly and his family like the bag of crisps we said we’d conserve while in lockdown.

Kelly, his wife Jung-a Kim, daughter Marion and son James returned to BBC News for another live interview this week and his kids decided to steal the spotlight once again with their adorable antics.

In the video, little Marion hugged her dad and tousled his hair while her mom held James down and spoke about parenting at home during the outbreak.

“It’s very difficult to stay in the house for a long time,” she said as chaos began to unfold in front of their – and viewers’ – eyes.

It’s also proof that not much has changed since 2017.

Shortly after Kelly’s first appearance when viral in 2017, the family went back on the air to discuss their newfound fame.

“It’s pretty unreal… we certainly never had anything like this in our life before,” Kelly told BBC News at the time. “It got to the point where we had to turn off the phones, and Facebook and Twitter and all that sort of stuff.”

And of course, during that segment, mayhem also ensued.

All we can say is — BBC Dad, we see you.


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